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Pavan is a Data Scientist in the Synthesis Americas team. He works across North America and LatAm, with a particular focus on building innovative approaches to spot emerging consumer preferences in entertainment.

The last song I listened to

Starry Night by Peggy Gou. It’s an instant feel good track that can bring you out of any funk and into a more bassy, piano funk.

The last series I watched

The Rehearsal on HBO Max. Such a weird and twisted show in the most hilarious way. It’s Nathan Fielder’s magnum opus as a creator and true menace to society.

A book I’d really recommend is

Dataclysm by Christian Rudder, an interesting look into how data can explain human behaviour. Some would call that human centred data science.

The podcast I’m listening to

Bill Simmons Podcast, an NBA nerd needs his NBA commentary.

The last thing I bought and loved

Nothing Ear (1) Headphones, they're designed like no other and fulfil my constant need to be subtly different than everyone else.

The thing I cannot go on holiday without

A new pair of sneakers to pair to stunt with.

When I need to feel inspired

I watch Moneyball. If I’m crunched for time, then I just watch The Streak scene.

The best gift I gave recently

A collection of vinyls of my friend’s favourite artist.

In my fridge you’ll always find


I have a collection of

Vinyls with no record player in sight.

I’ve recently discovered

My love for house music.

The things that I couldn’t do without

Tacos. No explanation needed.

My ideal pet would be

Domesticated racoon. They’re smart, cheeky, loyal, and they move in packs. Welcome home.

If I could live in a fictional universe, I would pick

Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter.

My favourite movie is

Either Interstellar or The Prestige. I have a type. And that type is Christopher Nolan.

I am most looking forward to

Planning a trip to South Korea with my childhood friends. Food tour in the day, Kpop party at night. Rinse, Repeat.

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