Finding trends is easy. Knowing when and how to act is hard.

Our frameworks help you understand which trends are re-shaping the category and how your brand can win.

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Insight Teams spot when to act

Get real time updates on the trends that matter most to you or be inspired by rising trends from our superforecasters.

Discover new trends →

Brand Teams find
growth drivers

See who is shaping the conversation and understand the real reasons for a shift in consumer preferences.

Find growth drivers →

Marketing Teams plan your stories

Share ideas with your team, highlight content that is winning and build your angle.

Build your story →

Sharper comms & retail activation for Beauty.

In a seasonally changing category, how can you ensure the benefits you communicate are resonating with new consumer needs?

Layering. Conversation, curiosity, content. Track the evolution of consumer interest through Google. Understand how beauty creators showcase this on YouTube.

Keep comms on point and equip in-store brand ambassadors with the tools and language to cut through.

Powerful innovation platforms for R&D teams

As a Food & Drink business, how do you optimise product mix to enhance customer experience and improve sell-through?

Discovery algorithms and diverse data signals. Anticipate F&B preferences and aspirations for Chinese travellers.

Human stories over analysis.
Immerse in the manifestations that sit behind the trends. Inspiration for product collaborations and R&D teams.

Driving content choice & streaming brand loyalty

When new entrants pile into the market, how do we help a global streaming business  understand what’s shaping consumer choice so they can retain share?

Targeted, multi-platform dataset.
In a category driven by social capital, tracking volume of conversation around content is a good signal of success..

Bringing the consumer context to the fore.
Get to the why and strengthen future tactics, being able to cut the conversation by media, influencers and see who is shaping the conversation that we can amplify.